Girls On 'Girls': Jenni Would Buy The Dead Cousin Story Too

We asked a real New York woman whether HBO's 'Girls' is like her life. Spoiler alert: it's not.

There are certain shows that seem to invite comparison to real life. "Game of Thrones," not so much. "Girls," absolutely. Professional TV critics have their chance to recap and analyze the show every week, but who has more authority to talk about a show about being a grown-ass woman in New York City than, well, grown-ass women in New York City?

With that in mind, MTV brings you Girls on "Girls," a column space we lend to the aforementioned females of the Big Apple to react to the week's episode of "Girls." And this week, well, it's a real doozy of an episode to react to. There were dead turtles, dead editors and dead hearts (Hannah) galore in Sunday night's episode, "Deep Inside."

This week, 37-year-old Jenni Miller, a writer who has lived in Manhattan's East Village since 1998, took the floor to tell us what's what when it comes to "Girls."

Are You A Girl?

I'm a woman, but I want to flip a table when someone calls me ma'am. I also like lady, chick, gal, girl, dame, etc.

Do You Relate To 'Girls' In General?

Um, not really? My 20s were pretty sh---y in an entirely different way. (Ladies, being over 30 rocks.)

Are you a Hannah/Marnie/Shosh/Jessa/Charlotte/Carrie/Whatever?


What's Your Baggage?

I mean.

What Is A Moment From Last Night's Episode That Felt Like Your Life?

I would 100 percent believe a story like the one about the imaginary dying cousin.

And Something You'd Never Do That Happened?

I wouldn't tell someone else how their life is going to fall apart. Also not even care if someone I knew died. I've only quit one job on short notice, and it was by phone. It was retail, so they didn't care, but I don't think I could just flip out and walk out on a job I needed!

Do You Think You Could Successfully Fake Your Own Death, A La Season?

I'm a terrible liar. I'd definitely want to tell someone!

Gaby Hoffmann And Her Character: Fabulous, Or Merkin Terror?

I love Hoffmann in general, in real life, and I don't think that's a merkin a-jerkin'. Her character is the kind of messy, boundary-less person that would attract someone like Hannah — young, a writer, interested in "damaged" things and people. But that shit gets old quickly.

The funeral romp made me sad. I've done my time smoking ciggies in cemeteries, but let's have a modicum of respect.

What Life Advice Would You Give Hannah?

I think she needs to grow up. Suddenly, Adam is the most emotionally mature character on the show?!