Drake Spits The Language Of Love On New Romeo Santos Track: Listen

After shouting out Aventura on 'The Motto,' Drake links up with the group's lead singer on 'Odio.'

Spanish girls love Drake like he's Aventura, so it was only a matter of time before the OVO star collaborated with the bachata group's lead singer Romeo Santos.

On Monday morning "Odio," a new track from Santos' upcoming Formula, Vol. 2 hit the Internet and while English-speaking fans may struggle to understand the lyrics about jealously, they will surely recognize one of rap's most distinct voices.

After Romeo's opening verse, Drake comes through singing in Spanish pining for the love of a woman who is clearly taken. By the time Drizzy gets to his rap verse in English, he turns up all his charm.

"You were the one, you been the one from the moment I seen it/ Sometimes I question if this is all real then I grab on your ass and I firmly believe it," he raps over the track's plucky strings and steady Dominican percussions.

Drizzy first threw Santos and his group a shout-out on the opening lyrics to his 2011 single "The Motto." "I'm the f---in' man, y'all don't get it do you/ Type of money everybody actin' like they knew ya/ Go Uptown, New York City bitch, those Spanish girls love me like I'm Aventura," he famously rhymed then.

By the time Drizzy and Romeo get to the end of "Odio" it's unclear if either of them will capture the attention of the love they seek, but it's not for lack of effort. "Don't worry 'bout it, just keep speaking Spanish/ I'll get it translated you know you're my baby," Drake raps, trying to overcome the language barrier. "Don't stay with this new guy, I'll really go crazy."