What's Next For Pharrell's Hat?

Grammys star will date Anna Kendrick, rock 'Star Trek' cameo.

Every awards show has its breakout star, and the Grammys were no different: Pharrell's Hat is going places. But where, exactly, might we see the chapeau turn up next?

Dating Anna Kendrick

It sure looked to us like Pharrell's hat was getting pretty cozy with "Pitch Perfect" star Anna Kendrick last night. Word on the street is that Hat-drick is the next big superstar couple.

Hang-gliding in Tahiti

After such a big night, it stands to reason that Pharrell's hat would take a well-deserved vacation. But hey, just because you're a relaxing hat doesn't mean you can't have some thrill-based fun.

The Oscars

Fingers crossed Pharrell's hat can take home the gold at the Oscars, too.

Working On "Amazing Spider-Man 2"

Word is Pharrell's hat is hitting the studio with Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr, Michael Einziger, and David A. Stewart to record music for the superhero sequel. Will it do whatever a bonnet can?

Starting Its Own Clothing Line

Billionaire Hats Club, anyone?

Guest Starring In "Star Trek 3"

Pharrell's hat — like its owner — is a huge fan of "Star Trek." Could it show up in the space-based sequel as a member of the crew of the Enterprise?

Brokering World Peace

Before too long, Pharrell's hat will head to war-torn areas, brokering peace treaties between combative nations.

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