Taylor Swift Is Being Way Too Nice About The J-Law Photobomb

We suggest ways they can spice things up a bit.

Leave it to Taylor Swift to have the world's sweetest reaction to being the target of the Golden Globes' most talked-about red carpet prank. After the now-infamous moment in which Jennifer Lawrence crept up behind Swift during the awards pre-show, Taylor had something to say to J-Law at last night's Grammy Awards.

"Thanks for your friendship and thanks for making amazing, terrifying faces behind me on camera when I'm trying to do an interview and not mess up!" Swift said in an interview with E!'s Ryan Seacrest. She also added her best wishes to her actress friend at the upcoming Academy Awards: "Good luck. I hope you win. I hope you win everything all the time."

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It's just the sort of comment we'd expect from the lovely and amiable Taylor: classy, charming, sweet, and no fun at all for those of us who just want to see J-Law get sassed. Because let's be honest, it could be the best and most delightful part of awards season if Taylor Swift took her pal's prank and ran with it, by...

...Dropping her own bombs.

The only thing better than a world in which Jennifer Lawrence photobombs Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes is a world in which Taylor bombs back at the Oscars, preferably by turning up in the background of every last one of J-Law's photo ops making her patented OMG! Face.

...Writing a song about it.

If her blink-and-you-missed-it romance with Jake Gyllenhaal could inspire a massive hit, just imagine what sort of deliciously passive-aggressive lyrics Taylor could write about America's most currently beloved sweetheart. Bonus points if she finds a way to turn "armpit vaginas" into a rhyming couplet.

...Escalating the prank-a-thon to "Oh no she didn't!" proportions.

Picture this: as J-Law swans down the Oscars red carpet, she pauses for an interview... Only to be interrupted by Taylor, who grabs the mic and says, "I'm sorry Jennifer, and I'mma let you finish, but Tina Fey had the best photobomb of all time. OF. ALL. TIME."

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