Lea Michele Wonders 'What Is Love?' On New Album Tease

The 'Glee' actress teases fans with a new track off her March album release Louder.

Lea Michele isn't afraid to be vulnerable when it comes to her music. The singer is letting her guard down on her emotional new ballad, "What Is Love," off her March album release, Louder.

On the track, written by Jaden Michaels and John Lock, the "Glee" actress ponders a love affair that isn't what it appears to be. "You play the role/ I play the lead/ We strike a pose/ I was too blind to see/ This ain't what it seems," she sings on the song, which debuted on Entertainment Weekly.

"What is love?/ What is love?/ When you don't know who you're lying next to, to you anymore/ What is love?/ What is love?/ You don't know what love is till you love somebody, bad enough," she sings on the chorus of the moving tune. "What is love? Love to you," she asks her partner on the track.

"What Is Love" is the latest tease off her forthcoming debut album, out March 4. It officially hits iTunes on Tuesday. Previously, Michele released the album's empowering lead single, "Cannonball" and the anthem "Louder," and another ballad "Battlefield." The album was in-part inspired by the death of her boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith.

"I just really wanted something to give to my fans. I wanted to just give them something fun," Michele explained to MTV News late last year. "At the time, when I started making the record, I was in a wonderful place in my life. I had been living in L.A. for a while, 'Glee' was great and I had a wonderful boyfriend. I just wanted a fun record that people could kind of dance around in their room to and play for the summer.

"And then as it sort of progressed I realized that A., I'm a very emotional singer and B., I've always been very open with my fans. I'm a very open person. And it just so happens that these songs came that I connected to and I started writing stuff that was super personal to me," she added. "Eventually, I started feeling like I didn't feel comfortable singing a song that didn't mean something to me."