It's Man Crush Monday: Why Mack Wilds Won Our Heart

MTV News pays homage to the Grammy-nominated singer/actor's sexy ways as this week's #ManCrushMonday.

You might know him as Tristan Wilds. Or perhaps you call him Mack Wilds. But no matter what alias he's using that day, chances are the Grammy-nominated singer/actor has left you swooning. That's exactly why Mr. Wilds is this week's MTV News pick for #ManCrushMonday.

He left our pulses racing on the small screen in "The Wire" and "90210" and the big screen with "Red Tails," "The Secret Life of Bees" and "Half Nelson." And he caught our attention again when he dropped his debut album New York: A Love Story in 2013. The album earned the 24-year-old Staten Island-native a Grammy nod for Best Urban Contemporary Album, and rightfully so. Did I mention just how super talented he is? Check out his piano playing skills for any further convincing.

Need some more proof of Mack's undeniable studliness? Check out the gifs below!

He smolders... shirtless.

He can be tough when it counts. Boss up, player.

He's got some really smooth dance moves.

He knows how to console you when you're feeling blue.

He makes you laugh when you need it.

And who can deny him anything when he pouts like that?

Did we mention how good he looks without a shirt on? Oh, well, he does.