Why You Absolutely Can't Have The Grammys Without Taylor Swift

MTV News takes a look back at Swift's Grammy Awards, including her emotional performance of 'All Too Well.'

You simply cannot have an awards show — any awards show — without inviting Taylor Swift. The singer proved that on Sunday night at the Grammy Awards.

Her enthusiasm bubbled over throughout the entire night. From her funky dance moves to her passionate applause, Swift pretty much owns it when it comes to cutaway shots of the audience. Did we mention that she also kills it when it comes to high-fiving her pals when something awesome happens? The sassiest high-fiver in all of Hollywood.

But the real reason Taylor is so great to have at an awards show is the sheer fact that she gives some of the most passionate performances ever. (See last night's performance of the Red track, "All Too Well.")

Did you miss all of Swift's best moments from the Grammys? Check out this video we've got for you. We promise you'll enjoy every awe-inspiring moment of it.