Miguel Imagined Himself As Jay Z To Write Sexy Beyonce Lyrics

'Let me sit this ass on you,' Miguel wrote on Bey's track 'Rocket.'

Beyoncé has never been afraid to flaunt her sexuality, but on her latest album, the superstar singer took things a step further and gave fans a dirty little peek into her bedroom.

Take the opening line from "Rocket" for example, where Queen Bey sings "let me sit this ass on you" in a soft and sultry tone.

Well, it was actually Miguel who wrote the lyric.

"If I was Jay, what would I want her to sing to me? And what have we not heard from Beyoncé yet and that's where the very first line comes from in the song," Miguel explained to MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway when he walked the red carpet at the 2014 Grammys in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The inspiration for the line came at the behest of Queen Bey, said the "Adorn" singer.

"[She said] 'Listen, I feel so empowered at this time and place. You don't have to put me on a pedestal.' Never mind that it's Beyoncé," Miguel said, recalling the instruction that Hov's better half gave him before he penned the track.

"It was so matter-of-fact and really we were in the studio and she was there, she just had the baby, she was looking beautiful, her skin was glowing and she was ready to create," he said.