How Tom Hiddleston Became Your New Captain America

See the Loki actor become the star-spangled super-soldier in a new 'Thor: The Dark World' deleted scene.

When it comes to mischief-making, there's no one better than Loki. The Asgardian trickster plays pranks like none other, thanks to his silver tongue and his shape-shifting abilities.

In fact, fans got a front-row look at Loki's chameleonic ways in last year's "Thor: The Dark World," in a scene that saw Loki taking on the likeness of one of his half-brother's newest friends and allies: Captain America. The scene featured an unexpected Chris Evans cameo, and stands out as one of the funniest moments in any Marvel movie to date, let alone the "Thor" films.

Though Evans is the man on screen in the final cut of "Thor: The Dark World," it was actually Loki actor Tom Hiddleston who first performed the moment. He confirmed as much in an interview with MTV News last year, revealing that he was on set in the Captain America uniform, performing opposite Chris Hemsworth's Thor.

"It was amazing," Hiddleston recalled. "They brought the Captain America costume on set, and I got in it and did an impression of Loki in a Captain America costume. I did the whole performance. Then they showed Chris [Evans] my performance on tape, and he went and did an impression of me doing an impression of him. It was brilliant. It'll be there as a DVD extra."

Well, Hiddleston is true to his word, even if his character isn't: Empire has just posted this behind-the-scenes look at Hiddleston in the Captain America costume, doing his very best Chris Evans impression. See it below:

Of course, it's not the first time Hiddleston has done a Chris Evans impression. Surely you've seen the man at work in "Loki'd" by now — and if you haven't, watch it again, paying especially close attention to Hiddleston's voice work as Steve the mailman. Sound familiar? We thought so, too.

"Thor: The Dark World" releases on Blu-ray and DVD on February 25.