6 Ways Kendrick Lamar Could've Topped His Performance

He probably should've danced with Taylor Swift, but whatever.

Kendrick Lamar's performance with Imagine Dragons is already being declared the best performance of the Grammys, and it's difficult to disagree. The energy was high, Taylor Swift was dancing and, well, TAYLOR SWIFT WAS DANCING.

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But there are several ways in which Kendrick's Imagine Dragons performance could've been topped. How, you may ask? Well, here you go:

Do his 'Control' verse by calling out his competition in every category he was nominated in: "Daft Punk, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sara Bareilles / I got love for you all but I'm trying to murder you n---as." The world would've stopped, GIFs would've been made of every person Kendrick called out (and even the ones he didn't), and Kendrick would go down in history along with Ol' Dirty Bastard, Michael Portnoy and others for truly not caring.

Go on a Kanye-inspired rant about losing to Macklemore: "MY ALBUM IS HIP HOP. HIP HOP WOULDN'T BE HIP HOP WITHOUT ME. COMPTON IS HIP HOP. SEATTLE IS NOT HIP HOP." - Kendrick "The King" Lamar, 2014

Brought along Amber Galloway-Gallego: Have you seen videos of her? Have you been fortunate enough to see her live? This sign language interpreter is just as entertaining as the artists she accompanies. Speaking of Amber, she should've gotten an award from the Grammys.

Do a 10-minute long a capella freestyle: With one of his hands free, Kendrick requests Imagine Dragon to quiet down. They can barely be heard but Kendrick wants absolute silence. He gets it, and out comes rapid fire flows that make the Grammy committee reconsider giving any and all awards to Kendrick. Taylor Swift is still dancing while this is going on.

Grab one of the Daft Punk helmets and wear it: "Haha — joke's on you!"

Dance with Taylor Swift: Duh, this one is obvious. But then it would probably lead to the two collaborating on a breakup song, and maybe an entire album. Or, at the very least, a song written by Taylor about Kendrick. (Song name ideas? "My Compton Love Story," "I Won't Do You Like Sherane" and "Good Kids Madly In Love In The City.")