'Avengers': Joss Whedon Will 'Godfather' The Sequel

The writer-director explains how he plans to give the 'Godfather' treatment to 2015's 'Age of Ultron.'

Actor James Spader is the man bringing his voice and movements to the evil android Ultron in the upcoming "Avengers" sequel, but writer-director Joss Whedon plans to find inspiration through some other cinematic villains — namely, the Corleone family.

Speaking with French news outlet Allocine (via Dark Horizons), Whedon revealed that he's using "The Godfather: Part II" as his "guiding star" in approaching "The Avengers: Age of Ultron," in theaters next year.

"A ton has happened in-between and it's a very different movie [from 'Part I'], but you don't need any information," he explained. "It's there in the film about what's happened since, what's different, and why is this a different film; why is it a different kind of structure, and why is it darker."

Whedon's latest comments fall in line with what he's said about the "Avengers" sequel in the past. When the movie was announced at last summer's Comic-Con, Whedon promised a "darker" film than the original "Avengers," because "Ultron's in the house."

But the "Godfather" comparison is a new way of relaying the passage of time between the first "Avengers" film and the new one. Whedon made it clear that events between the films will have an impact on "Age of Ultron," but not at the expense of the viewer who only comes to Marvel for the "Avengers" movies.

"I can't assume that everybody went to see 'Thor: The Dark World,' 'Captain America,' and 'Iron Man 3' in between," he said. "I have to go from one movie to the next and be true to what's happened [in the previous movies], but not be slavish to it."

In related news, Whedon's "Avengers" sequel has more in common with "The Godfather" than tone and structure: both films also have an Italian connection.

BadTaste.it reports that Fort Bard in Northern Italy will serve as a shooting location for "Age of Ultron," as will nearby locations Aosta, Donnas, Pont-Saint-Martin and Verres. The shoot will include up to 1,500 people, including 500 extras. Perhaps the Italian locations will factor into the film's scenes with HYDRA leader Baron Von Strucker, played by Thomas Kretschmann.

"The Avengers: Age of Ultron" arrives on May 1, 2015.