Angelina Jolie's 'Maleficent' Trailer: Watch Now!

The Oscar winner becomes an all-powerful sorceress in the latest trailer for Disney's new epic.

There's no falling asleep at the wheel today — certainly not when there's an all-new and all-magnificent "Maleficent" trailer out there in the wild.

Angelina Jolie steps into the role of the wicked witch of "Sleeping Beauty" fame in "Maleficent," directed by Robert Stromberg and released by Disney later this year. We've already seen one "Maleficent" trailer not too long ago, but the latest look at the Disney epic teases even more of the sinister style we're in store for when the movie arrives in May.

The trailer, which debuted last night during the Grammy Awards, features Lana Del Rey performing a haunting cover of "Once Upon a Dream," the theme from Disney's 1959 animated classic, "Sleeping Beauty." We're treated to shots of Jolie as the mischievous Maleficent, stalking through the woods, and strutting through palatial passageways, her cheekbones raised to impossible heights and angles, her wicked smile ever-present.

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"You know the tale," the teaser whispers, "Now find out the truth."

The truth seemingly involves an all-out war between King Stefan's knights and soldiers, and an army of wilderness creatures summoned up by Maleficent herself. The trailer shows Maleficent's capacity for violence, and her ability to control monsters with the slightest flick of her wrist. She gleefully conducts tree-knights and forested sky-serpents like a seasoned conductor lording over an orchestra. It's an all-too-brief look at how Disney and Stromberg plan to handle the action in "Maleficent," but it's certainly enough to leave us wanting more.

As the trailer concludes, Maleficent warns the beautiful princess Aurora (Elle Fanning) that "there is evil in this world, hatred and revenge." Judging solely by the events of "Sleeping Beauty," one imagines that Maleficent knows a thing or two about evil, hatred and revenge firsthand — but with Disney's promise that "Maleficent" will show a new side of the fairy tale monster, perhaps there really is a deeper truth to the tale.

We'll find out what side she's really on when "Maleficent" hits theaters on May 30.

What do you think of the new "Maleficent" trailer?