Why Sara Bareilles Is Grammys Sweetheart

The 'Brave' singer showed us how big her charm was at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

While the size of her brave has yet to be determined, Sara
certainly showed us how big her adorable is on Grammy night. (Huge.)

To be fair, our 2014
love affair with Bareilles began the second she heard
word of her nomination for Album of the Year
, news that she told us she greeted by “screaming my face off.”

Yeah, just try not to be charmed by that one.

The “Brave” songstress navigated the evening, from red carpet to closing credits, with aplomb. Here are all the reasons she’s our Grammy crush this year.

Her Insta-Classic Instagram(mies)

Bareilles, 34, knows how to rock social media. She tweeted throughout the night, and began posting adorable Instagram pics (which, yes, should totally be referred to as Instagrammies) from the time she started getting ready in the morning.

We were with her from her first Dunkin’ run to her super-meta quasi-selfie, a snap of a TV playing the Grammys telecast (taken by none other than Ingrid Michaelson).

Embedded from instagram.com.