2014 Grammy Awards: Watch Stars Show Off Their Best Dance Moves

Now you can catch all the night's greatest dance moves, in one place.

The Grammy Awards are a night for music's brightest stars to come together, celebrate one another and headbang during emotional piano performances, but there's another purpose for the ceremony that's a little lesser-known: a testing ground for new dance moves.

Think about it: the camera is pointed at an audience full of the industry's top professionals almost as often as at the stage. While it's awesome to catch the stankfaces, side-eyes and surprised D-faces after winners are announced, it's even better to catch attendees rocking their signature dance moves, shaking it like a Polaroid picture or otherwise.

For example, take a look at Lorde, who snagged awards at Sunday's ceremony for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, pulling a little move we like to think of as Gothic Jazz Hands.

While their dancing was certainly more composed than it would be had they actually been drunk, for "Drunk in Love," married duo Beyoncé and Jay Z demonstrated the Surfboarding dance move with great skill and enthusiasm, and Bey proved that Miley's not the only one who can twerk for the weekend.

Katy Perry took a break from roaring to debut what we've dubbed the Witchy Wiggle. (Stop trying to make "broomwerk" werk, Katy.)

What did you think of the Grammy attendees' signature moves? Who would win in a dance-off?