Watch The Entire 2014 Grammys... In GIFs!

Don't sweat if you have no cable! We're live-GIFing the entire show right here all night.

Follow along all night as we live-GIF the entire 2014 Grammy Awards, right here!

Taylor Swift definitely thought she won, but big congrats to Daft Punk for taking Album of the Year!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Same Love" performance... all the tears.

Lorde was so pumped for Daft Punk's win, she probably broke her hand clapping.

Katy couldn't contain herself from Daft Punk's funk.

Bruno Mars owned Best Pop Vocal Album.

Yoko Ono totally grooved to Ringo and Paul's performance.

Taylor rocked out hard to Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar's performance.

Jay Z won a brand-new gold sippy cup for Ms. Blue Ivy. You mirrin'?

Jamie Foxx made everything super awkward for a few minutes.

Pink gave everyone another reason to keep loving her. *So Sparklez*

And totally freaked out.

Lorde was so humble about her win.

And totally kept the tears flowing.

Taylor Swift worked through all kinds of emotional issues with "All Too Well."


Katy Perry summoned up "The Craft" for her "Dark Horse" performance.

Hunter Hayes performed and made EVERYONE cry.

Lorde was all like "Adele, who?"

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis won Best New Artist!

Taylor Swift couldn't even handle it.

And then Jay Z went and showed off her best ass-ets.

Beyonce got "Drunk in Love" all over a chair.

"Girl Code's" Nicole Byer keeps it sexy and awkward on the red carpet.