The 'Girls' Guide To Reacting To Death

What we learned: Most of them are terrible at it.

Warning: Spoilers for the "Girls" episode "Deep Inside" are not-so-deep inside this article.

They say that nothing is certain except for death and taxes, but there's one more thing that should be added to that list: Hannah Horvath having inappropriate emotional reactions to things.

In the Jan. 26 episode of HBO's "Girls," "Deep Inside," Hannah hit another one of those growing-up milestones. She celebrated her 25th birthday in last week's episode, but this week, she looked death in the face. Or, like, at least stalked death's Instagram. David Pressler-Goings, the sasspants editor who freaked out on Hannah for stabbing herself in the ear with a Q-tip and also gave her a publishing deal, died.

Like Dumbledore, but more ambiguouslygay, David was a mentor to Hannah, but he died before he was able to pass on all of his wisdom. (Yes, wizardry was just compared to e-book publishing. Handle it.)

Remember that part about Hannah reacting inappropriately? Yep, turns out that she sucks in the face of tragedy too. The whole episode dealt with how garbage she is with human emotions. This week, we inventoried everyone's immediate reaction to being told that David (or, in Ray's case, "a good friend of mine") had died. And no, don't expect Caroline's weird dead turtle funeral romp to make the list — odds are, she would have done that anyway, because, Tuesday.

» Receptionist: "OK."

» Random editor: "Oh my God."

» Hannah: [Silence.] (Later: "No one explains what's happening and then they say he's dead.")

» Jessa: "Yeah, Hannah. It's something that happens. It's like jury duty or floods. You know. It happens."

» Adam: "Who's David?"

» Ray:"Marnie finally decided to throw in the towel?"

» Laird: [Hug] "I'm so sorry to hear that."