Grammy Night Bingo: Grab Glory When Taylor Dances, Lorde Doesn't Smile And More

The stars aren't the only ones who can win tonight. Challenge your friends!

Get on your gown and start setting up the red carpet in your living room because the day music fans have been waiting for is finally here: We're mere hours away from the 56th Grammy Awards and there's really no telling what will go down (although we have a prediction or two). I'm on the edge of my couch here, folks!

So why not turn that burning anticipation into fun and games rather than lost bets and broken dreams? Might I present: Grammy Bingo!

From Taylor dancing to Lorde not smiling to Macklemore taking some celebrity selfies (you can already check THAT one off), we're guessing you'll be able to connect the dots and shout "Bingo!" at least once this eve.

Go Behind The Velvet Rope At All The Pre-Grammy Parties.

So print out a few of the bad boys below and challenge a friend! Pick a row to race on, complete a crazy T or just try to fill in the entire board.

The stars won't be the only ones winning come Grammy O'clock (8 p.m. EST) — you can grab some glory for yourself, too!

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