Katy Perry Pleads For An End To Deadly Shootings: I'm 'Scared'

After a week of fatal gun violence, the singer speaks out.

On the eve of the Grammys, Katy Perry is speaking out against the recent rash of public shootings in the past week.

On Monday, a student was shot and critically injured at Widener University in Pennsylvania. On Tuesday, a student at Purdue University was shot at killed. On Friday, a South Carolina State University student was shot and killed. And just today (January 25), a Maryland mall shooting resulted in the death of three, including the gunman.

"Is anyone else really sad about the constant stream of shootings and how normal it's becoming to see these headlines on a weekly basis?" Perry tweeted this afternoon, continuing on. "Scared to go to school? Scared to go to the mall? Scared to go to the movies? Me too. When will there be ACTUAL change? How many more?!"

The Prism singer went on to say that the gun violence is "embarrassing," calling for change. "You and I both know this is getting embarrassing...My heart goes out to ALL the victims & their families this week. I pray for change."

Katy's Twitter spill comes one day before the 2014 Grammys, where the singer is up for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance for "Roar." She is scheduled for the red carpet and festivities, and may very well comment on the string of shootings again.

When MTV News spoke with President Barack Obama in 2012 after the Colorado movie theater shooting, he posed his thoughts on the ongoing gun violence, specifically the rate of gun-related deaths in Chicago.

"What I've said is that we've got to have an 'all-of-the-above' approach," Obama said. "We have to enforce our gun laws more effectively. We've got to keep them out of the hands of criminals. We've got to strengthen background checks."

Other celebrities who have stepped up against gun violence include Snoop Dogg, Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx and John Legend. Snoop launched his own line of bracelets made from repossessed guns and released his song "No Guns Allowed" to create awareness. After the Sandy Hook school shooting, stars like Bey, Selena Gomez, Cameron Diaz, Paul Rudd and many more created a PSA against the violence.