Eminem, Dr. Dre, Nas And More ... Go Inside Beats Music's Epic Grammy Party!

Beats Music definitely delivered the goods at their Friday night Grammy bash.

Beats Music served Spotify at their Friday night launch party ... which definitely took advantage of the talent in town for Sunday night's 56th Grammy Awards.

Seemingly all of the stars were in attendance at Los Angeles' Belasco Theater, a list that included the likes of Eminem, Beats honcho Dr. Dre, Macklemore, Nas, Diddy and more. And, in a unique nod to Beats' playlist powers, most of them also took the to stage, for a shuffling set list — each artist popped onstage to perform their biggest hit — that wowed the crowd.

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And if you weren't lucky enough to be in attendance, well, don't worry: a whole bunch of folks were, and every single one of them had their phones out (lucky us!)

Diddy and Mase did "Mo Money Mo Problems," though they certainly didn't seem to be lamenting their status on Friday night.

Nas brought the ether and the artistry, ripping through "Nas Is Like" and "If I Ruled the World."

Ice Cube reminded everyone in the crowd that, yes, today was a good day.

Em and Dre joined forces to close the night out ... but why bother looking at them when you can watch their performance:

Yeah, it was a pretty epic night. The Grammys definitely have their work cut out for them ... and we feel you, Wiz. We wish we were there too.