14 Reasons Ed Sheeran Needs To Win Best New Artist Grammy

From saving kittens to writing the perfect love song, MTV News has come up with 14 reasons why Ed Sheeran should win Best New Artist.

The Grammy Award for Best New Artist is one of the most competitive awards of the night, and this year, the nominees run the gamut from hip-hop to country to experimental.

With James Blake, Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Ed Sheeran, and country singer Kacey Musgraves all in the running, it's anybody's trophy.

However, if it were solely up to me to decide the winner for Best New Artist at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, it would have to go to everyone's favorite redhead, Ed Sheeran. The talented singer/songwriter has taken the world by storm, and we aren't just talking about his music.

Need more proof? Here are 14 reasons why Ed Sheeran should win Best New Artist.

1. He Saves Kittens

We had to give a round of a-paws for Ed Sheeran, who saved an adorable kitten earlier this week. Ed took to Twitter to share the news that he adopted a cat, got him a bed, bought him some snacks and named him Graham. Ed then set up Graham with his own Twitter account where he's been posting selfies, taking pics with dad and just having "general kitten chat."

2. He's One Of The Sexiest Men Alive

Last year Ed was featured in People magazine's annual "Sexiest Man Alive" issue, and while most men may have found it flattering, Ed found it "quite funny."

"I don't know who the voting party are for People, but thank you. It's very kind. But I'm sure I'm the only person on this list who has a belly. Though I guess Austin Powers was considered a sex symbol, and we share similar physical-appearance qualities," Sheeran said in the magazine. "I brush my teeth though."

3. First Best New Artist To Be A True Redhead

Ed would join a long list of talented artist to win Best New Artist, but if he took home the award he would be the first true redhead to win the award. Yes, Bette Midler won it in 1974 as a redhead, but she has changed her hair color a few times since, and as far as we can tell, Ed won't be changing up his look anytime soon.

4. Because Taylor Swift Said So

What Taylor Swift wants, Taylor Swift gets, and what she wants right now is for her best friend, and tourmate, to take home Best New Artist.

"I want him to win everything he's ever up for," Swift told Billboard. "He's one of my favorite people on the planet. And he's so talented and he's worked so hard for it."

5. He Writes The Perfect Love Song

Ed may be one of the most impressive lyricists today, with songs like "Kiss Me" and "Give Me Love" that tug on the heart strings. Yet, what's even more impressive is that on his debut album, +, he managed to fit his love for "Shrek" into one of his lyrics. Show me another Best New Artist winner/nominee that has done that.... didn't think so.

6. He Will Probably Get A Grammy Tattoo

Speaking of "Shrek," Ed has the green ogre inked on his arm, along with countless other tattoos including Puss in Boots, and the word "Prince," an ode to "The Fresh Price of Bel-Air."

Last year, when Ed was nominated for Song of the Year, he told us that he would "get a Grammy tattoo if I win a Grammy." Fingers crossed for this year!

7. He's A One-Man Band

Seeing Sheeran in action is like nothing you would ever expect, so I suggest you all get your tickets for his 2014 tour, because it truly is a must-see event. Ed hits the stage with just his guitar and commands the crowd to sing along and at times even turns the audience into his personal back-up singers.

8. He Would Give A Great Acceptance Speech

Ed certainly knows how to captivate an audience, (see above) so we have no doubt that he would do the same in front of the biggest names in music.

And don't worry Sheerios, he won't get nervous, he's had practice, just look what he said when he won MTV's Musical March Madness.

9. He Would Cherish His Award

Even though Ed's Musical March Madness trophy broke (we replaced it), it wasn't his fault, so we can assure the Grammy Academy that he would take really good care of his golden gramophone.

10. He's Besties With One Direction

Ed Sheeran may have penned some memorable songs for boy band One Direction, including "Little Things," but they are actually all really good friends. In fact, Sheeran has a Pingu the penguin "bro tat" with Harry Styles, and we know nothing says friendship like a "bro tat".

11. He Has A Lot Of "Friends"

Many may have been surprised when they found out that not only is Ed Sheeran really good friends with Courteney Cox, he even took residence at her Malibu beach house. The two became such close pals that he was invited to Cox's former "Friends" castmate Jennifer Aniston's Thanksgiving Eve bash and had a blast...from what he can remember.

"I passed out... she has this crazy house with a big staircase that goes down to the pool," Sheeran told omg! UK. "I had drunk a bit too much and needed a time out, so I went down and laid on one of the beds outside by the pool and passed out there."

12. His Sheerios Would Go Crazy

Ed has one of the most loyal fan bases and we have no doubt that he would love to have the opportunity to thank all of his Sheerios for their support.

13. He's Inspired By Pizza

Ed has been hard at work on his sophomore album, due out later this year, and instead of being motivated by love, relationships or life on the road, he's actually been inspired by pizza. And we can't say that we blame him, it's delicious.

14. Seriously, Who's Better Than This Guy?