Check Out Austin Mahone's New Grammy Night Ad: 'MMM Yeah'!

Mahone brings a kick to a new spot for Aquafina FlavorSplash.

Austin Mahone is anything but bland.

So when he's chilling with friends, sipping on Aquafina, it's not just H20 he's drinking, but something with a bit of a "Banga! Banga!" kick to it.

Mahone stars front and center of a brand-new ad for Aquafina FlavorSplash, set to air during Sunday night's Grammys. A chill night in turns into an all-out dance party for the singer and his friends as they "take a splash" as Mahone's latest hit "Mmm Yeah" blasts in the background.

The singer dropped the party jam, featuring Pitbull, on Friday -- much to the delight of Mahomies everywhere.

Days after his Grammy ad airs, Austin will perform "MMM Yeah" at PepsiCo's "#PEPCITY" Super Bowl XLVIII kick-off celebration in New York City.