'True Detective': The Four Major Clues From Tonight's Episode

'The Locked Box' was heavy on story, moving the mystery of Dora Lange forward quickly.

Another week of "True Detective," another week of listening to Matthew McConaughey telling us that life is meaningless. But that's not all we got on the latest adventures of Detectives Cohle and Hart. This week's episode gave up plenty of clues as to who murdered Dora Lange.

To keep tabs on the boatload of information "The Locked Room" dumped on "True Detective" viewers this week, here's a quick look back on all the new information we got about the case.

The Tall Man

At the Friends of Christ Church, Cohle and Hart learn that some of the congregation saw Dora Lange when she attended services but hadn't seen her since. When she was there, however, she was with a tall man, possibly with shiny skin around his mouth. The detectives suspect the possibility of a burn victim, but an alert the local hospitals only brings them a burglar with an... interesting ritual. By the time the episode ends, the tall man appears to be a dead end, but I have my money on the green-eared spaghetti monster that chased the girl through the woods from the first episode making a comeback. Perhaps the girl took facial burns for spaghetti.

Another Victim

After burning the midnight oil in the the archives of the Louisiana State Police, Cohle finds a woman, Reanne Olivier, who supposedly drown. The circumstances around her death weren't suspect at the time, but all the detective in 1995 sees is the spiral design drawn on her body. Cohle convinces Hart that it's worth the trip out to see the Reanne's grandfather, who believes that she died in the manner that the official report described and gave the detectives the name Reggie Ledoux.


Here's the name that keeps coming up in suspicious places. The Louisiana Governor's cousin from last week's episode is becoming a character that's increasingly involved in the circumstances surrounding Dora Lange's death. Minister Theriot from the Friends of Christ Church studied under him at one of his schools. Tuttle's foundation ran the school that Reanne Olivier had previously attended. He's the one trying to get his own task force to take over the investigation. The name popped up twice in the latest episode, and at this point in the mystery, that's too many occurrences from him not be involved.

Reggie Ledoux

The characters in 2012 haven't exactly hid from the audience that Reanne Olivier's boyfriend, Reggie Ledoux, will play a key role in the investigation. Whether he's the man they determine murdered Dora Lange or whether he's the one in the gas mask at the end of the episode remain to be seen. What is clear is that Cohle and Hart are going to find themselves in a gunfight before long. Hart thinks that the modern-day investigators' lack of experience in such a situation will make the next part of the story less meaningful. It will be very meaningful to the viewers, however, if we get the see it go down in the next episode.

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