Macklemore's Epic Selfie Collection: 7 Snaps He Needs At The Grammys

The Heist singer's photo collection is missing some famous faces.

Who has two thumbs and likes taking selfies with said thumbs? This guy! And by "this guy," I mean Macklemore. Yup, the Grammy-nominated musician is a fan of taking celebrity self-snaps, and I'm guessing Sunday's awards show will provide ample opportunity for Mack to pad out his collection.

The last I checked in with Macklemore's epic Instagram feed, the "Thrift Shop" singer was taking snaps at the 2013 VMAs with the likes of Diddy — since then he's added even more famous faces to his digital crew, including Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and his mom.

Still, I think he's missing a few mugs. Luckily, the 56th Grammy Awards should give Mack plenty of opportunities to strike his signature selfie pose — I call it the "Macklemore Point 'N' Lean."

Check out the snaps I expect him to collect below:

Ringo, Mack & Paul

Daft Punk & Mack

Mack, Jay & Bey

Mack & Lorde

Mack & Taylor

Mack & Jennifer Lawrence

Mack, Kendrick & His Grammy — Or Kendrick, Mack & His Grammy?