Justin Bieber's Hot Court Appearance: Does It Beat Michael Jackson's?

Here's how Biebs stacks up against his fashionable celeb cohorts.

Justin Bieber might have thought he was making a bold fashion statement by showing off his tattoos and perfectly groomed hair in his first-ever court hearing. But he was really just following in the footsteps of his famous predecessors.

Celeb court cases have a glamorous history, with the accused stars dressing to the nines even if they were going up against the Ninth Circuit. So who wore it best? And how does Bieber compare? Let's take a look!

Amanda Bynes

After tossing a bong out the window, Bynes made a bold fashion choice in her hearing, with her "witch from a Tim Burton movie" hairstyle and her attempt at a casual-but-chic sweatshirt and sweatpants combo. She's clearly trying too hard to look the part of "crazy person who threw a bong out a window," so we give the edge to the Biebs.

WINNER: Bieber

R. Kelly

In the face of overwhelming evidence of heinous deeds, R. Kelly did the only thing he could do as defendant: he did himself up. In a beautiful gray pinstriped suit, purple tie, impeccable cornrows, and neatly groomed facial hair, Kelly believed he could fly free if he looked fly enough. The jury disagreed. Still, much respect to Kelly's ensemble, proving he really spends too much time trapped in his closet.


Lindsay Lohan

There's really nothing Bieber could've done here. He's only a court-fashion first-timer, and he's going up against wily veteran Lohan. She's donned many outfits for her numerous run-ins with the law, but it's her white, body-hugging dress that was most memorable. Her hair pulled back demurely, the white dress emphasizes her chastity while also giving the jury of her peers something they'd be happy to look at. We're not totally dismissing Bieber here, and maybe a couple more court dates down the road the rookie will make his mark, but it's hard to imagine he'll ever beat LiLo at her own game.


Winona Ryder

This is a close one. Winona 's goal was clearly to make herself look like a fashionable pilgrim, but it's almost too much, and I still don't know what to tell you about that green headband. Look again at Bieber's hair: no headband would be able contain it. Plus, his orange jumpsuit is somehow much more flattering than Winona's purple coat.

WINNER: Bieber

Paris Hilton

I'd say Paris was dressing for her peers, but there probably weren't too many other billionaire heiresses in the courtroom. Still, Paris pops in this reserved but fashionable ensemble, the white top and black skirt giving her the look of a powerful businesswoman. I've talked a lot about the Biebs' hair, but Paris outdoes him even there, making the making the Khaleesi hairdo popular way before the "Game of Thrones" TV show. Paris was sentenced to 45 days in jail: we hope she shared her fashion secrets with her cellmates.


Michael Jackson

This is the matchup you've been waiting for, I'm sure, and it doesn't disappoint. Jackson does what Amanda Bynes failed to do: make it look like he just got out of bed without looking like he actually just got out of bed. The King of Pop goes for comfort first in his pajama pants, while still wearing his signature black shoes with high white socks, as if he could just moonwalk out of the courtroom if things didn't go well.

And to show how truly devoted MJ was to his look, he even has someone hold an umbrella so he doesn't ruin his complexion. Maybe it's because of the umbrella that Bieber looks even paler than MJ in his court photo. In any case, it worked, as MJ is the only one here who was found not guilty. The King of Pop proved that he could be the king of the courtroom, even in pajama pants.

The Biebs looks good, but he's still got plenty to learn about high (court) fashion.