Yeti On The Loose At Sundance Scares Anna Kendrick And Bill Hader

The MTV News team headed to Park City to find the truth behind the independent film monster.

While Sundance is one of the premiere spots to party and to check out undiscovered independent films, the fun at this year's festival has been undercut by whispers of a dangerous beast coming down from the mountains. We couldn't talk to anyone at Sundance without him or her sharing their fears (physical, or emotional in the case of Anna Kendrick) about the menace.

I'm talking about the Sundance Yeti.

Call it whatever you will: the Sundance Yeti, the abominable snowman of independent film. It doesn't matter. This thing has been terrorizing Park City for far too long.

It's not a joke, and if you think it is, Jason Schwartzman will tell you otherwise. The MTV News team spent many hours doing what we could to track down the supposed Sundance Yeti, and I think our results speak for themselves.

If you want to find out the horrible truth about the Sundance Yeti, watch the video above.