Kim Kardashian Reveals Where She'll Get Married To Kanye West

The reality star tells Jimmy Kimmel where her wedding will be.

This summer, the city of love and light will be turned into the city of Kimye.

Kim Kardashian visited Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday flaunting her post baby body in a Pink Dior crop top and skirt, where she said that it's "kind of obvious" she and fiancé , Kanye West will say "I Do" in Paris.

"We will be getting married this summer hopefully in Paris, we love it there," Kim said. "When I said hopefully I didn't mean hopefully getting married, I just meant hopefully this summer."

Kim and Kanye, who became engaged this past October, were recently spotted in Paris, which she calls "her second home," where they not only hit up a few fashion shows, but made a stop at the Palace of Versailles. However, despite reports Kim will not be walking down the aisle at the famed palace.

"We took a private tour," Kim said of her time at Versailles. "Him [Kanye] and I have never been there so we wanted a private tour and of course everyone thought we were picking that as our wedding place and all of that."

The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star, who said that she will be taking Kanye's last name, would not reveal the location or the date of the wedding, but she and Kanye have decided to divvy up the wedding responsibilities, which has actually worked in both of their favors.

"I know they think or they say the guy doesn't really care or just shows up. Kanye, really cares and he's really passionate about it. It makes my job really easy and I love it he knows what he wants and I love that about him," Kim said. "We are kind of taking different roles he is taking care of the music I'll take care of the seating chart different stuff like that, so we are making it really easy on each other."

One thing they won't have to worry about is finding a flower girl, since that job will most likely go to their 7 month old daughter, North, who stayed behind while her parents had some alone time in Paris.

"We went on a vacation for New Year's and we shared a condo with my mom and we all went skiing so he was like, 'Babe, can we please just have three days to ourselves without any family members? It's too much traveling for her,' " Kim revealed.