Did Anne Hathaway Almost Let 'Interstellar' Secrets Slip?

Plus, Wes Bentley explains why the movie isn't exactly science fiction.

In Park City during the Sundance Film Festival, you're bound to run into a stars of the biggest movies due out in the next year, despite the fest's indie cred. When MTV News was stomping around the winter indie wonderland, we spoke with two stars of Christopher Nolan's upcoming film "Interstellar," Anne Hathaway and Wes Bentley.

Though we spoke with Hathaway and Bentley separately, what we were able to gleam from both of the guarded interview was that "Interstellar" is ambitious and top secret. But sometimes, even the smallest details and mean big things.

As a follow-up to her enormous 2012, which included an Oscar win and starring in one of the biggest movies of all time, Hathaway decided to take some time off, to star in an indie "One Song," the music-centric drama that just premiered at Sundance, and to reteam with her "Dark Knight Rises" director.

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Hathaway explained that her time on the set of the most recent Batman movie and her experience with Nolan helped initiate her into the far-off world of "Interstellar."

"I guess I was pretty lucky when I was working on ['The Dark Knight Rise'] to know what the world was. There was just a huge question mark," she said. "After I read the script, I said, 'This is fantastic. How on earth is Chris going to pull this off?' Then you think, 'Oh, it's Chris Nolan. He just will.' "

Wes Bentley, who was in Park City with the young Abraham Lincoln biopic, "The Better Angels," had a tougher time getting to learn about the new project. "I came in and met before I knew anything about the film, and then I was locked away in a room after I got the part to read the script," he said. "I didn't receive my own script until much later. Then there was a special envelope that you could tell if it's been opened or not. It's all very nerve-wracking."

But once production began, both Hathaway and Bentley said that the scope and ambition of the project became the focus. "For as much as I can say, it was very ambitious, and what's interesting about it is it's not really science fiction as much as it's based in real theoretical physics," Bentley said. "I think it will be very interesting for a lot of people."

Hathaway took the same careful approach to speaking about her time on the project, but she almost slipped when she mentioned the fantastic sets that Nolan is using, an interesting tidbit for fans desperate for details.

"I got to set every day and my mind was blown day after day after day, just by the sets because we — Oops. I can't tell you," she said. "Never mind. Never mind. Never mind."

"Interstellar" opens on November 7.