Need To Know: Justin Bieber Released On Bail, Ed Sheeran Saves A Kitten

Bieber's legal dramas and Sheeran's new feline friend top our must-see stories.

A day of DUI-related drama provided Justin Bieber with a busy Thursday that included a grinning mug shot and a few hours in a Miami jail. Ed Sheeran, on the other hand, enjoyed a different kind of distraction when he adopted a kitten named Graham and hooked him up with his very own Twitter. Here are the stories you need to know this morning.

Will Justin Bieber Do Jail Time In DUI Arrest?

In short, probably not. After being released from the Miami jail yesterday on a $2,500 bail, details began to emerge about Bieber's early morning arrest. Charged with suspicion of a DUI, resisting arrest and driving on an expired license, Bieber will most likely face probation, a fine and perhaps an agreement to enroll in a DUI course. As for the near future, it seems like Bieber is in the clear. That is, as long as last week's egging ordeal doesn't turn in to felony charges — that may get the Biebs sent packing back to Canada.

Paws What You're Doing -- Ed Sheeran Saved A Kitten

During a brief but beautiful pause in yesterday's Justin Bieber drama, Sheeran managed to win the Internet's attention with a tiny tweet: "So basically this one month old kitten was gonna get put down so I adopted him and called him Graham." In true twee fashion,

Sheeran then shared that Graham had already acquired himself his own Twitter, which has already stacked up 35,000 followers. Meow, indeed.

Bite Your Tongue, Ke$ha; No Teeth Allowed

It's no secret that the "Timber" singer, who entered

rehab for an eating disorder earlier this month, has a fashionable fetish for teeth. Often using human chompers in her jewelry and performance costumes, Ke$ha recently had her friend tweet a request that fans send teeth to "make art with" at the treatment center. Unfortunately for all of Ke$ha's Animals, the center quickly rebuffed her request by saying they "can't accept human remains." Hold on to your pearly whites, people.

2014 Grammys Get Going

Here at MTV, we treat the Grammys as the queen supreme of award season. We're already gearing up with performance predictions and winners odds. We're also talking to some of the biggest names in music about who they think will walk away with a golden gramophone on Sunday.

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