Still Reeling From 'Vampire Diaries'? Producer Explains The 'Game-Changing Episode'

Julie Plec talks to MTV News about 'shaking every relationship to the core' on Thursday's mid-season premiere.

Break-ups, blackmail, betrayal and heartache ruled the 100th episode of "The Vampire Diaries," which aired Thursday night.

To make sense of it all, I got on the phone with executive producer Julie Plec to talk about some of the most dramatic moments from the show's mid-season premiere.

Klaus Returns

"I think there's a very significant faction of the fandom that will be speaking either very positively or terribly negatively about the developments between Caroline and Klaus," Plec shared of the latest developments between the two vamps who have been crushing on each other for quite some time. That's right! Klaroline finally got it on.

"Klaus and Caroline had some unfinished business and he has unfinished business with Katherine," she added. "And I think even if Caroline didn't have any residual journey to play with Klaus, Katherine's entire existence, her entire 500 years, has been plagued by Klaus, who has done nothing but torment her. And so for him not to come to town to sort of rub her face in it, or at least intend to rub her face in it or put the final bullet in her heart himself wouldn't track with the whole story we've told. So we knew we wanted to see him and see him have his closure in whatever form."

That Pesky Love Triangle

With Damon and Elena coping from a breakup, that means that things will continue to get messy with them, as well as Stefan and Katherine, especially now that Katherine pulled the ultimate bad-girl move when she let her essence enter Elena's body just as she died.

"Chaos, mistaken identities, horrific consequences and a lot of diabolical moves by Ms. Diabolical herself, [Katherine]," she said. "And I think just speculating about 'Oh my god, what's gonna happen now with Katherine?' Katherine's made it very clear what she wants in her life and what she wants seems to be Stefan Salvatore. And just as Damon Salvatore is ready to give Elena back and Katherine's made this move, I think it's gonna get very, very messy up in that triangle land."

More Drama To Come

If you thought the drama had hit an all-time high during "500 Years of Solitude," Plec promises there's a lot more where that came from as season five progresses — especially now that fans are wondering if Elena is gone for good.

"It's a very game-changing episode because what it does is it shakes every relationship to the core," she said. "I think that there's a lot of emotional consequences to the events of this episode that are gonna change the lives of all these characters. And where we thought we might be going with certain relationships, we're gonna be going in different directions. And people that should be together won't be and people that shouldn't be will be and it's a lot of fun to kind of put everything in a blender and shake it up."