9 Reasons Justin Bieber Is Basically Lindsay Weir From 'Freaks and Geeks'

Egging, car crashes, cheating, and more reasons Bieber is just like Lindsay Weir

As news continues to break about Justin Bieber's arrest for DUI (and subsequent release), there's one main thought that keeps passing through our minds: isn't he basically just Lindsay Weir (Linda Cardellini) from "Freaks and Geeks?" Here's the evidence:

They Both Started Hanging Out With A New Crowd...

While Justin transitioned from his Canadian YouTube friends to a crowd of up and coming rappers in Miami, Lindsay went from her shy mathlete days in the series premiere of "Freaks and Geeks" to a group of stoner burn-outs. And thus, the similarities between Lindsay and Justin began.

...Egged Some Houses

In the Halloween episode of "Freaks and Geeks," Lindsay gets introduced to vandalism as she and her friends drive around egging houses, ultimately taking things too far when she eggs her own brother. Recently Bieber was introduced to vandalism as he and his friends egged a house, ultimately taking things too far when their neighbor called the cops.

...Recklessly Drove Cars

In "Looks and Books," Lindsay recklessly crashes her Dad's car while driving with friends in a residential neighborhood. In case you hadn't heard, Bieber recently recklessly drove a rental car with friends in a residential neighborhood. Lindsay took the opportunity to briefly return to her chaste life in the mathletes; will Bieber head back to the calming climes of Canada?

...Tried Pot

Lindsay's first experience with marijuana was one she immediately regretted, eventually forcing her to seek out former friend Millie to help her babysit on a Saturday night. Similarly, Bieber had a picture posted on TMZ showing his pot use and immediately regretted it, eventually forcing him to seek out former friend Miley* to apologize during a sketch on Saturday Night Live.

...Had Controversial Interactions With World Leaders

When Vice President George Bush visits Lindsay's school, she's forced to ask a non-controversial question... And then upends the whole thing by asking the VP why he censored her question in the first place. Similarly, Justin once accidentally lied about meeting the President of Mexico.

...Ran Over A Dog

In the episode "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers," Lindsay is in a car when she mistakenly runs over Millie's dog, killing him. In June, 2013, Bieber was accused of running over a paparazzi, the dogs of the entertainment industry. Bieber was later cleared of charges, just as Millie later forgave Lindsay.

...Made Big Mistakes Involving Lasers

In 2010, Justin Bieber reportedly assaulted a 12-year-old while playing laser tag. In "The Garage Door," Lindsay sneaks out to go see a Pink Floyd laser show, but it turns out to be a southern rock laser show! Basically the same thing, because, lasers.

... And Cheated

In "Tests and Breasts," Lindsay helps Daniel (James Franco) cheat on a test, and is eventually threatened with suspension despite swearing she didn't do anything wrong. Justin Bieber also was accused of cheating, though on his girlfriend Selena Gomez rather than a high school test. He was suspended... From... Okay, fine, this one doesn't work.

Bonus: They Both Have Complicated Histories With James Franco

As do we all, but Lindsay always harbored a crush on hunky stoner Daniel, wanting him to be her boyfriend; while Justin got pissed when James Franco did a parody version of his single, "Boyfriend."

*Or at least Vanessa Bayer's impersonation of Miley.