Justin Bieber Fans Don't Know Whether To 'Slap' Or 'Hug' Him After Arrest

'I can't defend him on this one, what he did was just stupid and dangerous,' one fan says.

On Thursday morning (January 23), Beliebers woke up to the disheartening news that Justin Bieber had been arrested.

The pop star is now facing DUI charges after he was apprehended by authorities in Miami Beach. Not surprisingly, fans flooded social media to share their reactions to Bieber's latest legal woes. The "Believe" singer reportedly admitted to police he'd been drinking beers, smoking marijuana and taking prescription anti-anxiety medication before getting behind the wheel of a rented Lamborghini. Those actions left fans shocked, disappointed and confused, with one torn Belieber saying she wanted to hug him ... and slap him.

Bieber and a friend, aspiring pop singer Khalil Sharieff, were taken into custody after Miami police witnessed the duo drag racing in a residential area. Bieber subsequently failed a field sobriety test and it was concluded that he was driving under the influence of a controlled substance. He's now been released from jail.

Fans who typically stand by Bieber — through thick and thin — are having a hard time defending Bieber's actions this time around; many cited the fact that he not only endangered his life, but others' as well.

While @jessnort tweeted she wasn't "entirely shocked," she hoped it "wouldn't come to this."

However, there were Bieber admirers who declared their loyalty not only for Justin but also his friend Lil Za, who shared a tribute to the pop star, spray-painting the words "Free Bizzle" in graffiti on a skateboard ramp. Za added the caption "not a game" to his post.

The Texas native was recently arrested on felony drug possession charges during a police search of Bieber's home. That raid followed claims by Justin's neighbor that his home had been egged and vandalized by the pop star.

Other Beliebers echoed Lil Za's sentiments, vowing to stand by their idol and expressing hope that this incident, which could land him up to six months in jail, teaches him a lesson.

@MycrushonBieber took it a step further, saying she was "actually happy" Bieber got arrested because it would force him to "think about all he's been doing."