B.J. Novak’s Book Trailer Is Black And White And Mindy Kaling All Over

New promo video for Novak's 'One More Thing' goes meta.

B.J. Novak would like to introduce you to WABBOFOMO — or at least, that’s the best acronym we can think of to describe the feelings stirred up by the trailer for his new book, “One More Thing.”

Sufferers of the condition, known in full as Writing A Book Because Of FOMO, have been known to speak French, make up Sartre quotations and try to impress their hilarious pal Mindy Kaling in black-and-white short videos.

OK, let’s unpack that a little: There are a few layers to all of this. Novak (you best know him as Ryan the Temp from “The Office”) wrote a book of short stories. His publisher, Knopf, released a hilariously meta trailer for the book, starring Novak and Kaling as two pretentious French speakers.

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