Aaron Eckhart Won't Head To 'Gotham,' But Has Advice For Whoever Does

Actor comments on future of 'The Dark Knight' role.

Aaron Eckhart played Harvey Dent, a.k.a. the villainous Two-Face in "The Dark Knight;" but would he want to come back as Gotham City's District Attorney for the recently announced TV show prequel, "Gotham"? That's the question we posed to Eckhart while at the junket for his upcoming monster-hero movie, "I, Frankenstein."

"How old is Harvey?" Eckhart said, laughing. "I mean, they might want to give it to a younger guy. I feel like I was blessed enough to be in a special version of that, to work with Chris [Nolan], Heath [Ledger] and everybody."

Given the jump backward in time — "Gotham" reportedly takes place right after the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents and will eventually end seasons from now with him putting on the cape — it would be tough to cast the 45-year-old Eckhart as a younger Harvey Dent. Tougher still, because Eckhart just doesn't see it happening.

"I'm done there," Eckhart continued. "I think it was a one-off thing. But it's always interesting to see who takes it on next, like they're doing with Batman and Superman."

Still, the actor did have some advice for whoever picks up Harvey's lucky coin on TV, or in a potential future Batman movie.

"Play it for real," Eckhart said. "I think Heath set the standard, set the bar for those kinds of movies. Give it everything you've got. Don't treat it tongue and cheek. Chris really was true to the reality of that scene."

Eckhart appears next in "I, Frankenstein," which hits theaters on Friday.