MTV Movie Brawl: Final Four Voting Is Now Live

Which movies will enter the Final Two?

It was the closest match yet in the 2014 MTV Movie Brawl, but the fans have spoken, and the race to determine the most anticipated movie of the year has been narrowed down to the Final Four.

The Elite Eight was an incredibly heated and divisive match, with most brawls coming down to narrow margins; and in some cases, just a few hundred votes out of several million.

In the Elite Eight, Robert Pattinson's "Maps to the Stars" was the clear favorite for several days, until Initiates rallied in unprecedented numbers, pulling "Divergent" past the finish line. Meanwhile, "Veronica Mars" was neck and neck with "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" for most of the competition, pulling ahead, then falling behind before ultimately eking out a narrow win. Similarly, "Vampire Academy" held a strong lead, though "Tracers" pulled close at the last second before ultimately getting suck-er punched.

And "Maze Runner" just straight up kicked "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" in the butt.

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So here they are, your Final Four match-ups:

"Veronica Mars" vs. "The Maze Runner"

"Vampire Academy" vs. "Divergent"

Head to our bracket right now to vote for your favorites. Here's the rest of the schedule, along with when you can find out about the Final Two:

January 23: Final Four

January 27: Final Two

January 30: The Winner... Revealed!

Be sure to vote often, and let your friends know what you're backing with hashtag #MTVMovieBrawl.