Eminem And D12 Are Planning A Comeback

Mark Bass confirms to the Detroit Free Press that he is working on new D12 tracks with Eminem.

Shady's back! Yes, Eminem has hit a groove after dropping his big comeback album Relapse LP in 2009 and is once again on top of the rap world after releasing his latest The Marshall Mathers LP 2. So what's next for Em? Looks like a possible D12 reunion album.

The Dirty Dozen hasn't dropped an LP since 2004's D12 World, but longtime Eminem producer Mark Bass told the Detroit Free Press that he is busy mixing new tracks from the group, three of which feature Em.

The article, which was published on Sunday, didn't give any more details, and as of now, it is unclear who will take part in the project. Proof, who was an integral part of D12, was shot and killed in 2006 and Bizzare and Mr. Porter left the group. That leaves Kuniva, Swifty McVay, Fuzz Scoota and, of course, Em. It isn't inconceivable that Bizzare and Mr. Porter, who tours with Em, are back in the fold.

D12 got their start in the mid-1990s but really took off after Em's meteoric rise as a solo artist. Their first LP Devil's Night was released in 2001 and went double platinum thanks to the standout drug-ode "Purple Pills." The group's sophomore album D12 World hit #1, going gold in its first week of release when it dropped in April 2004.