Marvel And 'Star Wars' Collide ... On Twitter?

The two Disney-owned brands crossed paths (and lightsabers) during a ridiculous Twitter conversation.

With Marvel and Lucasfilm now both owned by Disney, and with "Star Wars" comics moving from Dark Horse to Marvel in 2015, it was only a matter of time before Captain America and Luke Skywalker crossed paths — but few fans could have anticipated last night's spontaneous and epic crossover.

On Twitter last night, the official @StarWars and @Marvel accounts crossed paths, proposing trades between the two universes that would make any fan of both properties feel the Force. It began during an #AskStarWars fan session, with @StarWars calling upon its followers to ask any and all questions about the galaxy far, far away.

The @Marvel account happily obliged the request for "clever queries," asking if they could borrow a few lightsabers. The @StarWars response:

Seems like a fair trade on the surface, but @Marvel wouldn't just give away Thor's hammer without some extra goodies:

Not willing to sacrifice the pint-sized Jedi elder, @StarWars offered a counter-proposal:

That's a pretty even one-for-one trade, isn't it? @Marvel flirted with the proposition, but offered another idea of their own:

The Merc with the Mouth, in exchange for the deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy? Again, not a bad one-for-one, but @StarWars wouldn't part with one of its crown jewels — not without skimming from a certain armored Avenger's armory first, at least.

And that right there froze the deal, more efficiently than a quick dip in carbonite:

Then again, even if @Marvel wasn't willing to part with Stark's wardrobe, the man himself seemed interested in a deal ...

Classic Tony.

All in all, it was a fun night on Twitter. If it's an indication of things to come when "Star Wars" comes under Marvel Comics' roof, then the future of the Rebel Alliance seems to be in safe (if mischievous) hands.