Lorde’s Grammy Performance: No Smiles, Plus 7 Other Predictions

MTV News imagines what the 'Royals' singer's awards show debut will look like.

Lorde is primed to sit pretty on the throne at the 2014 Grammy Awards, with four nominations and a performance slated for the big night.

While the Internet is lighting up with predictions as to whether the singer will nab a shiny trophy — or four — MTV News decided to make some guesses as to what her onstage Grammy debut will look like.

Check out what we think — and hope — will go down when Lorde steps up to live that musical fantasy:

We Assume…

…She’ll Be ’Real’

Have you seen Lorde’s videos for “Royals” and “Team”? They’re replete with “real”-looking teens living in some sort of dystopian dreamare.

Go Behind The Velvet Rope At All The Pre-Grammy Parties.

In fact, when it came to casting “Team,” Lorde was specifically looking to fulfill a vision of imperfection “where the boy who was second in command had acne on his face, and so did the girl who was queen,” she wrote on Facebook. Given Lorde’s recent tweets, she may be sporting some spots come the big day herself.

So, when it comes to her Grammy performance, we’re not expecting any airbrushed beauties undulating in the background. White teeth teens need not apply.

…She’ll Be Dressed To (Unusually) Impress

There’ll be no glitter and spandex for this black-lipped royal, we’re guessing. Perhaps she’ll step out in those “hideous, but awesome” sneakers she chatted about with MTV Style? Orthopedic chic.

…She’ll Play ’Royals’

Lorde will likely perform some kind of medley at the Grammys, and we’d bet some Cristal and a Maybach that that melange of jams will include “Royals.”

Sure, Lorde might think the jam is “silly” now, according to Rolling Stone, but seeing as how her U.S. tour is already sold-out, we’re guessing there are still plenty of people out there who want to see “Royals” live.

Possible Performance Lookalikes?

’The Addams Family’

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