Justin Bieber’s DUI Arrest: More Details Emerge

Bieber arrested along with Def Jam singer Khalil after they were drag racing on Miami Beach streets.

More details have emerged about Justin Bieber’s arrest early Thursday morning (January 23) in Miami Beach on suspicion of drag racing and DUI charges 

Justin Bieber Arrested In Miami.

NBC6 posted an image of what it said were the cars that Bieber and his entourage were in when the arrest took place. The chopper shot shows what appears to be two Lamborghinis, one red and another yellow, as well as a Ferrari in the middle. “#Lamborghini #JustinBieber was in when @MiamiBeachPD arrested him for #dragracing,” read the caption.

NBC6 also put up a video of the incident, seemingly taken by Bieber fans who were following the action on the city’s streets. In the clip several unidentified women can be heard saying Bieber’s name and then, “He’s right there, he’s right there! … Oh my God, Justin just got pulled over,” as shaky footage shows a yellow Lamborghini racing down the street. Police sources told the station that Bieber may have also had drugs in his system at the time of the arrest.

According to CNN, a fleet of SUVs were blocking off traffic behind Bieber and Def Jam signee Khalil Sharief, 19, who police confirmed was the other person arrested and charged with drag racing and DUI. Sharief posted an image of himself behind the wheel of a Lamborghini just hours before his arrest, with the message, “Miami nights ridin thru yo city in that hot wheel.”

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