Quentin Tarantino Drops 'Hateful Eight': What Should He Do Next?

With his planned Western shelved for now, here are seven suggestions for Tarantino's next film.

Thanks to a "betrayal" and a script leak, Quentin Tarantino will not direct "The Hateful Eight" as his next movie, as was previously planned. Instead, it's back to the drawing board, at least where his fans are concerned.

What's next for Tarantino? With "The Hateful Eight" off the table, what will the writer-director focus on now? Your guess is as good as ours — but while we wait for some official news, here are seven suggestions for Tarantino's next project.

"Killer Crow"

As recently as 2013, Tarantino gave an update on a project called "Killer Crow," about disenfranchised African American soldiers in World War II, who turn against their oppressive military leaders and beeline it to Switzerland. It was originally planned as part of "Inglourious Basterds," but had to be taken out to "tame [the] material." With "most of that written" already, perhaps now's a good time to revisit the prospect of "Killer Crow."

"The Vega Brothers"

John Travolta and Michael Madsen aren't getting any younger, that's for sure. And both Vincent and Victor Vega are very, very, very, very, very dead, so a story set after "Pulp Fiction" and "Reservoir Dogs" isn't likely to make much sense. But consider the old proverb: Where there's a Tarantino, there's a way. If the man wants to bring the Vega brothers back, he'll figure it out, and we'll be right along for the ride.

Our only advice: Do it soon, if you're going to do it at all. Travolta and Madsen are the Vega brothers — nothing else will satisfy.

The "Luke Cage" Netflix Series

Once upon a time, Tarantino told us that he had considered "Luke Cage, Hero for Hire" as a possible project, shortly after "Reservoir Dogs." Those days are over for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is Marvel's plan to turn "Luke Cage" into a Netflix series.

But here's an idea: Why not put Tarantino at the helm of the "Luke Cage" Netflix series? It's a new, longer-form medium for Tarantino to explore, and a character he's shown interest in previously. It's a stretch, but we would not complain if Tarantino went the Netflix superhero route for his next project.

An Original Superhero Movie

When Tarantino told us his story about "Luke Cage," he had this to say about superhero movies: "My feeling is if I wanted to do something like that, I'd want to create the superhero myself."

Uh, Mr. Tarantino? Please do exactly that. An all-original, all-Tarantino superhero is an amazing concept to wrap the mind around. Perhaps that's the exact deconstruction the overflowing "comic book movie genre" needs right now.

"Kill Bill, Volume III"

Ever since the first two "Kill Bill" films hit theaters, rumors have persisted that Tarantino had an eye on a third entry in the series. The threequel would follow Vernita Green's daughter, all grown-up and seeking vengeance against Beatrix Kiddo for the death of her mother, as teased in one of the very first "Kill Bill" scenes.

Ten years have passed since the release of "Kill Bill," believe it or not. Perhaps the time's right for Tarantino to make that sequel a reality.

"Piss & Vinegar"

As he announced his departure from "The Hateful Eight," Tarantino made it clear that he had another plan in the works. "The idea was, I was going to write two scripts," he said. "I wasn't going to shoot the Western until next winter, and I have been full of piss and vinegar about the other one. So now I'll do that one."

Sounds like a plan! Just call it "Piss & Vinegar" and we'll all be happy.

Just Do "Hateful Eight"

Some final words of advice, Mr. Tarantino: Don't let traitorous agents fudge your sundae. Do what you want to do. Make the movies you want to make. If you were making "The Hateful Eight" anyway, proceed in peace. Screw the script leak. The world wants what you want: Bruce Dern as a badass 80-year-old cowboy. Make it happen — assuming it's still what you want to do.

What suggestions do you have for Tarantino's next project?