Mark Hamill Spills ‘Star Wars’ Secrets: What We Learned From His AMA

Luke Skywalker actor confirms returning character in upcoming sequel.

Mark Hamill apparently doesn’t know whether he’ll be in “Star Wars: Episode VII.” But he does know someone who is.

While participating in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Hamill (who played Luke Skywalker) was asked about recent reports in which Princess Leia actress Carrie Fisher confirmed her, Hamill’s and Harrison Ford’s reprisals of their roles for the sequel. Hamill would not confirm the reports, but was willing to shell out info for one of the other most important characters in the saga.

“The only character I know for sure is returning is my friend R2-D2,” he said. “He hasn’t stopped beeping about it.”

Hamill wrote later, “Haha. I’m not being coy, really. When I find something out, I’ll let everybody know. But nothing has been decided yet,” which surely disappointed fans who took to Reddit expecting to see him break the news. They can take solace that everyone’s favorite undersized robot (sorry, Wall-E) will officially be returning to the galaxy far, far away. No word yet on C-3P0, though it’s hard to imagine the two apart.

And while he didn’t go so far as to confirm his or any of the other main characters’ involvement, he gave a valid reason for not giving anything away, begging people to “keep it a surprise!”

“Im good at keeping secrets. Especially when the goal it to maximize the enjoyment of the audience. That’s why I’m worried about episode 7, they’re going after casting sheets!” he wrote. “Im [sic] trying to keep the surprises for the movie, not for the internet. I hate spoilers.”

Hamill did reveal one possible tidbit from the movie: when asked if he thought an older Luke would have a beard, Hamill answered, “I have a feeling it’s beard, but I have no confirmation of that.” He added that, based on Obi-Wan, he figured an older Luke would be more spiritual and “live in an igloo.”

In addition to looking forward, Hamill also looked back to give fans stories from the set of the original trilogy, including Harrison Ford’s reaction to Vader being Luke’s father: “Harrison turned around and said ‘I didn’t know that! Why the f*&^ didn’t you tell me?!’” And for those who have spent years wondering what it’s like inside a taun taun, apparently it’s “warm and cozy.”

Check out the rest of the AMA for more of Hamill on “Star Wars,” how he got to voice the Joker in “Batman: The Animated Series,” and even some marriage advice (“Don’t Cheat”).

As for Luke, Leia, and Han’s involvement in “Episode VII,” set to open December 18, 2015, for now, we can only reiterate these wise words from Master Yoda: “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”