Gal Gadot Signed To Play Wonder Woman Over Three Movies

Could a solo 'Wonder Woman' movie be far behind?

Seems Gal Gadot is ready to commit to the DC Comics cinematic universe for longer than expected: as revealed to Israeli talk show "Good Evening With Gai Pines," the actress has signed a three movie deal for Wonder Woman, including the still untitled "Batman vs. Superman."

Fans may remember that Gadot previously commented to the show about her Wonder Woman training (and, er, boob size). Now she's returned to discuss her deal, including the three picture contract and her salary: $300,000 for the "Man of Steel" sequel.

It's not that this news is particularly surprising, as the days when stars would sign on for one movie in a potential franchise are long gone. Look at the Marvel movies, and Warner Bros. deal is tame in comparison: reportedly, Marvel has actors sign on for seven appearances (including cameos and one-shots as well as features) as part of their standard contract.

What is interesting about it is what the deal suggests, purely on the speculative end of things. Though all of this naturally depends on the success of the first movie, recent rumors have WB shooting "Man of Steel 2" and a "Justice League" movie -- which would feature Wonder Woman -- back to back. Add in a solo feature for Gadot's character, the first ever on screen, and you've neatly hit that three-picture deal.

Again, that's purely speculation, but given that we know Ben Affleck signed to play Batman over "multiple" movies, and Henry Cavill similarly signed for three movies to play Superman, a better picture emerges as to Warner Bros. ongoing plans for the franchise(s).

Additionally, Gadot noted that she begins shooting in May, something that lines up neatly with the recent delay on "Man of Steel 2" production.

Stay tuned to MTV News for more on the movie as it breaks.