Nicholas Hoult Had A Major Fanboy Moment On The 'X-Men' Set

The 'Young Ones' actor revealed which mutant made him lose his cool.

Each year at the Sundance Film Festival, there's an interesting balance when speaking with the stars presenting new movies there. Everyone is eager to talk about the small-budget, independent and occasionally experimental films they've brought to Park City, but almost everyone also has a big-budget tentpole on the horizon.

That was the case when MTV News spoke with two of the stars of "Young Ones," Nicholas Hoult and Michael Shannon. The pair stars in the new film from writer-director Jake Paltrow — Gwyneth's little brother — about a family struggling to survive in a near future that's short on water.

Not far into our own future, Hoult will reprise his role as Hank McCoy aka Beast in "X-Men: Days of Future Past," the Marvel sequel combining the casts of the series' two timelines. For Hoult, returning to the character meant less time in the makeup chair and many more fanboy moments.

"A lot of makeup, less time, more comfortable. It was very exciting to shoot. Obviously, we've got the cast from the original movies and 'First Class' all together, and Bryan says it's looking really good. I'm excited to see it," Hoult said. "The first day, I was walking down the corridor to Cerebro with Hugh Jackman, and I looked over during the scene and I saw that it was Wolverine. That was who I grew up with when I was 11, watching these films. I had a bit of trouble getting my lines out on the first day. It was just a weird moment."

While not on as huge of a scale as the time traveling mutant movie that his co-star has next, Michael Shannon's upcoming movie reteams him with frequent collaborator Jeff Nichols ("Take Shelter" and "Mud") and should be the director's biggest movie to date.

"I'm going to start another Jeff Nichols movie, 'Midnight Special,' " Shannon said. "Jeff has really begged me not to say anything about it, but it is similar in a regard to 'Take Shelter' in that it deals with a father who is very concerned for his child and the love he has for his child and trying to protect his child, but it's also very different."

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" opens in theaters on May 23. "Midnight Special" has yet to set a release date.

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