‘Workaholics’ Is Back, And Someone’s Getting Their D–k Cut Off

The 'most sexual' season of Comedy Central's 'Workaholics' premieres Wednesday.

Over the years, the guys of Comedy Central’s “Workaholics” have openly campaigned for the likes of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and, uh, Anthony Anderson to make cameos on their show … but so far, they’ve come up empty handed.

Despite that, they’re keeping the tradition alive, and it looks like it’s finally paid off. Because on the new season — which premieres Wednesday night at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT — the ‘Holics are bringing out the big guns.

“A whole lot of Lorenzo Lamas,” Blake Anderson told MTV News.

“If you were a fan of the early ’90s television show ‘Renegade,’ getcher getcher on, because Lorenzo Lamas is gonna be cruising right into your hearts once again,” Adam DeVine added. “We haven’t had any other guest stars just yet, but we’ll get someone [else] big. I’m guessing Matt Damon. Shoot for the stars, land at Lorenzo.”

Of course, to the best of our knowledge, Lorenzo Lamas isn’t actually going to appear on the show’s fourth season (and Matt Damon definitely isn’t), though the mere mention of his rippling pectorals — and sweet karate skills — certainly raised the temperature a few degrees … which is why this season of “Workaholics” will be the hottest yet.

“[It's] probably our most sexual to date. There’s some love fallin’. Me and Ders fight over a woman, who you may know from the show,” DeVine said. “So get ready, that’s going to be an exciting episode. People are going to be like ‘I can’t even believe they did that.’ ”

And yet, despite that focus on “love fallin’,” it also sounds like things get plenty dark this season, too. They’ve played around in the past, but on this season, the creators of “Workaholics” are getting serious … no matter what Lorenzo Lamas thinks.

“I think the ‘Workaholics’ season finale and the ‘Breaking Bad’ series finale are going to have very similar tones,” DeVine said. “So stay tuned. [co-creator] Kyle [Newacheck's] going to get his dick cut off.”