Jonah Hill Keeps The F-Bombs Coming In 'Saturday Night Live Promos

'The Wolf of Wall Street' Oscar nominee celebrates his upcoming 'SNL' hat trick by getting pummeled with lids.

What better way is there for Jonah Hill to celebrate his second Oscar nomination than joining the "Saturday Night Live" three-timers club? Of course, he won't be able to drop the record number of f-bombs he and the cast of "The Wolf of Wall Street" did in the Best Picture nominee when he takes the "SNL" stage on a show that will feature musical guest Bastille, and based on the promos for this weekend's show, he's struggling to keep it clean.

From getting pummeled by a shower of hats in celebration of his rare "SNL" hat trick to showing off his third time's a charm bracelet (spoiler alert: it totally has a Corgi on it) and getting all the not-safe-for-prime time words out of his system before the network censors bleep him out, Hill seems ready to nail his trey.