Lorde's Little Sister Has Her Eye on The Throne

India Yelich-O'Connor joins the ranks of musical siblings striking out on their own.

Lorde's little sister is getting in on the act.

Over the weekend, India Yelich-O'Connor, 15, uploaded her somber cover of A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera's "Say Something" to SoundCloud, instantly drawing comparisons — warranted or otherwise — to her Grammy-nominated sibling.

Of course, by familial standards, India is a bit of a late bloomer: Years before she became Lorde, Ella Yelich-O'Connor was signed to Universal Music at the age of 13, after footage of her performing at a talent show found its way to now-manager Scott Maclachlan ... but in terms of the music biz, well, she's right on schedule.

After all, following in the footsteps of a famous sibling is an industry tradition on par with mature sophomore albums and stints in rehab. Some, like Janet Jackson and Solange Knowles are able to establish successful careers of their own, while others aren't so lucky. Still, that hasn't stopped a whole new generation from trying to cash in on their family name ... here are some recent examples of brothers (and sisters) trying to work it out.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Looking to build on older sister Britney's recent renaissance, in late 2013, Jamie Lynn released "How Could I Want More," a country-tinged tune that, like Brit's new songs, deals with heartbreak. It debuted at number 8 on the Billboard Country Digital Songs chart (and inexplicably made it to #1 in Turkey), serving as a solid launching pad for her upcoming debut album, reportedly due this year.

Gemma Styles

Her younger brother, Harry, has been making 'em swoon for years now, though as One Direction rose to prominence, Gemma preferred to remain relatively anonymous (Buzzfeed recently dubbed her "the British best friend we never knew we had.") However, she's reportedly begun working on an album of her own, though she's remained mum on the subject no matter how much Directioners press her on Twitter.

The Lylas

To date, they're probably best known for two things: being the responsible for making Fifth Harmony change their name, and being related to Bruno Mars. Yet the Lylas — made up of Mars' sisters Jaime, Tahiti and Presley (another sister, Tiara, recently left the group) — are working hard to change that, landing their own reality series on We TV, and lining up an album to be released in 2014.

Rorrey Fenty

He's Rihanna's brother, though he prefers to be known as GQ, Gallest, or both (we're not entirely sure). In 2011, he released his debut single, "Feel Me," and he's been attempting to strike out as a solo artist ever since. Like any good sister, Rih's supportive: last year, she made headlines when she showed up to his concert in London. Based on his Instagram, Fenty's currently working on new material.


He's Katy Perry's younger brother, though David Hudson kept his family name when he decided to embark on his career. Originally a solo artist, Hudson now fronts a full band, released a free EP and a single, "Chained" last year. And, yes, Katy follows him on Twitter.