‘Life-Size 2′: Lindsay Lohan, Tyra Banks And 12 Other Reasons To Get Excited

Get your dose of teenage angst, human-like dolls and friendship with these nostalgic GIFs.

Be a star! Tyra Banks confirmed over the weekend that “Life-Size,” the 2000 Disney film with Lindsay Lohan about a doll turned human, is getting a sequel.

The movie follows Casey Stuart (Lohan), who tries to bring her mom back to life with a supernatural resurrection. Instead, she mistakenly revives her doll, Eve (Banks).

The idea of “Life-Size 2″ had Miley Cyrus freaking.

And if you can’t get into the idea of a new Tyra Banks film, let us ease you into the spirit with these GIFs. Here are a few reasons why we’re stoked about a “Life-Size” sequel (fingers crossed for Lindsay’s return!).

Classic Bonding-After-Extinguishing-A-Kitchen-Fire Scene
You know, who hasn’t had a giggle fest after almost burning your house down?

Dress-Up Sequences
Somewhere in every movie there should be dress-up montage to B*Witched’s “C’est La Vie.” It’s a shame “Life-Size” is the only flick that delivers.

Lohan’s ‘Tude On The Field
Little Casey Stuart brought the attitude to her football team. Extra points for teenage angst.

Satanic Rituals
Don’t try this at home, kids.

The Most Oblivious Of Innuendos
Just to make it clear.

Group Dance Scenes
It’s so good. So so so good.

This Heartwarming Scene
All the teenage insecurity.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Society
Look at baby LiLo calling out the status quo.

What It Says About Magazine/Idol Culture
It’s like Tyra Banks was coming clean about being a model.

Despite Its Fantastical Story Line, It’s Super Real
Sure, Casey brought her doll to life and that would never happen, but all the emotions are real!

How would you feel if you were tasting food for the first time?

You Get The Feeling Tyra Banks Might Actually Be A Doll
And it makes your head spin a bit.

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