Macklemore Had The Best Day Ever At Seahawks Game: See The Pictures

Grammy nominee got a pair of free safety Earl Thomas' cleats after the game and chilled with the team in the locker room.

We all know by now that Macklemore reps his home town. But over the course of the last year his life has changed so much that the "Thrift Shop" superstar has gone from watching his favorite NFL team from the stands to hanging with them on the sidelines and in the locker room after the Seahawks' thrilling NFC championship win on Sunday.

Here's a timeline of his amazing football Sunday, as told by the rapper's Instagram account:

First, he hung with 'Hawks coach Pete Carroll before the game, sipping, of course, one of the city's iconic cups of joe.

He answered all those claims that he's less than a lifelong fan by re-posting a composite picture put together by haters in which he's sporting a Minnesota Vikings jersey, explaining, "To the Niners fans that put this [composite picture] together ... In the background of the photo, you'll see this was taken in a store. I did a photo shoot for them, back when I was a professional mustache male model. They photographed me in a bunch of vintage sports gear ... Been a Seahawks fan forever my people. Don't get it twisted."

Because he's a VIP now, he snapped a shot of the empty stadium before fans rolled in.

And, of course, was in the locker room when they hoisted their NFC champs trophy.

And then he got to hold it himself.

And snap a shot with the Seahawks QB, Russell Wilson.

He also took a snap with one of the team's stars, free safety Earl Thomas, who helped seal the deal on Sunday, and then gave the rapper a pair of signed cleats. "This guy @earl_thomas29 continues to dominate," Mack wrote. "And he gave me the best present ever. Peep what I'm holding....Thanks homie! #seahawks."

In a fast forward of his amazing day, Mack posted a 15-second video that took him from the empty stadium, to warm-ups, a selfie with former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson and a shot of him and Lewis performing "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us" at halftime in an attempt to help the notoriously rowdy, extremely loud fans at CenturyLink Field try to set off a third earthquake.

Followed by a video of him celebrating the victory in the home team's locker room.

In all, an amazing day for a guy who still has a potential seven Grammys coming his way on Sunday and then a possible bigger party on tap when the Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl two weeks from now.