What's The One Thing Kristen Stewart Can't Do?

Despite being 'kind of good at everything,' one skill escapes the 'Camp X-Ray' star.

It usually wouldn't be very kind of Kristen Stewart's "Camp X-Ray" co-stars to say that she "sucks" or to describe her as "crappy" and "terrible."

But even Stewart herself had to admit that they're right: she's not a very good bowler.

The topic came up randomly on the red carpet for the Sundance premiere of "Camp X-Ray." There, her co-star Ser'Darius Blain revealed that during a cast outing to the local lanes, Stewart outed herself a bad bowler.

"Kristen sucks at bowling," Blain said. "I will say that. I tried to help her. I tried."

Once the conversation started, the red carpet turned into a line of people who had bad things to say about Kristen's bowling skills. Or her lack of skills.

Joseph Julian Soria said, "She's a crappy bowler. She needs bumpers."

Lane Garrison put it simply. "She is terrible."

Finally, we got to talk to the notorious bowler herself, and she candidly confirmed the rumors. Stewart only expressed frustration because she's usually good at sports. "Oh, I am. I'm awful, and it sucks because I'm really kind of good at everything," Stewart said. "I cannot bowl, and it really is very frustrating."

Before bowling dominated the conversation, Stewart opened up about her hesitance to take on a role like she does in "Camp X-Ray," a guard at Guantanamo Bay.

"I was so nervous when I first started working and preparing because I didn't think that people would believe me or think that I looked tough in a uniform," she said, "that I could do that job, that I could wrangle detainees that are massive and scary."