Happy Birthday Mac Miller: Six Gift Ideas For The Most Dope General

Mac Miller turns 22 today, to celebrate MTV News came up with six clever gift ideas for the Pittsburgh MC.

When we first met Mac Miller, he was a wide-eyed teen with endless possibilities ahead of him. And as he turns 22 on Sunday (January 19), Pittsburgh MC could buy himself anything he wants, but we here at MTV News came up with some thoughtful gifts that we think Mac will appreciate.

1. A New Recording Contract

Mac Miller and Rostrum Records announced exclusively to MTV News that they have parted ways, and while we were sad to hear that one of our favorite rappers and one of our favorite labels were moving on, it does open up tremendous opportunity. How sweet would it be for Mac to sign a major label deal for himself and his REMember Music Label today? Cake, cake, cake.

2. A Bucket Hat

It's not that we don't like Mac's new pink hairdo, it's just that the drastic change takes some getting used too.

3. Another #1 Record With Ariana Grande

OK, maybe this gift is more about us than it is about Mac, but we just can't wait for these two to get back into the studio again — we'll even pay for the studio time. It's not totally selfish though, Mac could very well get another #1 record out of it.

4. An E-Cigarette

No more cigarette pics on Instagram, Mac. If you must smoke, use an E-cigg, it's cleaner. Health is wealth.

5. "The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past" For Super Nintendo

A couple of weeks ago, Mac posted an Instagram photo of a bunch of classic Super Nintendo games like "Super Mario World," "Mortal Kombat" and "Tecmo Super Bowl." We must admit, we were a bit jealous of the rare collection, but we did notice that our friend was missing the classic "The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past." Thank us later buddy!

6. A Mink Coat For Ralphie The Dog

OK, technically this gift isn't for Mac, but if dogs are indeed man's best friend, then the Pittsburgh MC should be able to appreciate us dressing his buddy Ralphie in style. Hartman & Rose sell a ton of high-end pet items, their $1,000 Canadian Ranch Mink reminds us of something Mac's alter ego Larry Lovestein would wear. Like father, like son.