Drake's 'SNL' Takeover: 4 Things On Our Wishlist

What will Drake do when he pulls double duty at Studio 8H? We've got four things on our wishlist.

Drake will appear on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, not only as a musical guest, but also to take on hosting duties for the night. Though Drizzy is now in the league of "rap gods," the Toronto native got his start as an actor, so the skits are likely to be just as entertaining as his performance. With that said, here are four things we'd like to see Drake do when he hits the "SNL" stage this weekend.

1. Premiere The "Wu-Tang Forever (Remix)"

Jay Z will be busy performing Magna Carta Tour dates in Boston on Saturday night, so we're crossing a "Pound Cake" guest appearance off our list, but what about the Wu? Drake has been teasing a remix of his Nothing Was the Same cut "Wu-Tang Forever," complete with guests verses from Raekwon, Ghostface, Method Man and crew. He even shot a video for the original songin Harlem with A$AP Rocky this week, so it seems like perfect timing for him to unveil the anticipated remix, complete with appearances from the New York-based Wu fam. If anyone could pull of a mini Wu reunion at this point, it would be Drizzy.

2. Take Us Inside "Marvin's Room"

Drake has earned himself a reputation for being the most emotional rapper in the game (a reputation that he's well aware of, by the way) and much credit is due to his Take Care single "Marvin's Room." On the sappy track, Drizzy is pining away for a long lost hookup, even resorting to the much-dreaded drunk dial. Though the lyrics make the storyline pretty vivid, we'd love to take a literal peek into "Marvin's Room" in one of Drake's sketches on Saturday night. Candles and red wine are an essential part of the decor, in our minds.

3. Let Pops Make His Live TV Debut

Drake's fans have become familiar with his father, Dennis Graham, and their turbulent relationship through his music, but in recent months the two have seemed as close as ever. Graham made an incredible cameo in the recent video for "Worst Behavior," where his swag was on a hundred thousand trillion as he broke it down for the camera in a fresh white suit. He would later ham it up on stage during the St. Louis stop on Drake's "Would You Like A Tour?" as well. With two major appearances already under his belt, maybe it's time for pops to make his live television debut, along with that "Wu-Tang Forever (Remix)." Pow!

4. Bring Back Wheelchair Jimmy

Before he was an intentional rap sensation, Aubrey Graham made a name for himself by playing the character Jimmy Brooks (who was in a wheelchair) on the Canadian TV show "Degrassi: The Next Generation." He quit in 2007, after appearing on two seasons of the show, but rap fans still affectionately refer to his character as "Wheelchair Jimmy" from time to time. Drake got all deep on us with his Nothing Was the Same album cover, having baby Drizzy stare back at the grown man we all know now, so it's time to apply the same concept to his former actor self, in a skit: Wheelchair Jimmy meets Drizzy Drake.

Oh, and if Drake can find some time to make fun of that DaDa Supreme outfit that had the Internet going crazy last year, we won't be mad.